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As in IPv4, path MTU discovery in IPv6 allows a host to dynamically discover and adjust to differences in the MTU size  Due to the high MTU for gretap, MTUs for WireGuard connections of the first and second level I have used DD-WRT before, but not OpenWRT. img Seems OK. GRE IPv6 gre6 <逻辑接口名称> grev6tap GRE‐TAP IPv6 gre6t <逻辑接口名称>  .

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Leave the MTU and MRU values alone unless you know what you’re doing.


Here’s my adventures of IPv6 in DD-WRT on the 3.x builds. Hopefully providing some useful information for anyone else wanting to do the same thing. Router IPv6 Address should be left blank, DD-WRT should automatically use the correct value.

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ip route add ::/0 dev he-ipv6. # this command is not on HE's website, but is necessary for the tunnel to work. While DD-WRT supports IPv6, the web-based administrative GUI doesn’t have much user friendly support for IPv6 configuration. This is pretty simple. On your DD-WRT router go to the Administration>Management tab and scroll down to the IPv6 Support section.

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This time, we're going to get Router Advertisment going, the simplest way to distribute a routed subnet to your network. Los nodos IPv6 requieren ya sea hacer descubrimiento de MTU, realizar fragmentación extremo a extremo o enviar paquetes del tamaño mínimo MTU para IPv6 (1280 bytes). El encabezado IPv6 no está protegido por una suma de comprobación ( checksum ); la protección de integridad se asume asegurada tanto por el checksum de capa de enlace y por un checksum de nivel superior (TCP, UDP, etc.).


DD-WRT GUI Services-> DNSMasq section: enable "Local DNS" and disable "No DNS Rebind", go to Tunnels to enter local DNS IP (e.g. for Peer Tunnel DNS (repeat for every peer). Since Wireguard cannot be bridged, the wireguard interface or it's local IP needs specified in dnsmasq as an additional binding interface / listener (interface=oet1). 如果你的DD-WRT路由器是你的IPv6路由,查看下面的其他6到4隧道解决方案。 开启IPv6支持. 在 Administration>Management 页面,启用 IPv6 和 radvd。 配置Radvd (如果 DD-WRT 不是你的IPv6路由器) Radvd与DHCP服务器类似。 DD-WRT implementation Enough of theory, let's go hands on! Enable IPv6 The first thing we need to do is to enable IPv6 in the DD-WRT web interface.

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Spring deal - Save $264 + free OVPN-tshirt when purchasing the two year subscription DD-WRT v3.0-r46060 […] The nvram variables are now correct but … 8:01 AM Ticket #7365 (Advanced WLAN settings are not applied to VAPs) closed by ho1Aetoo provide more info and reopen 7:36 AM Ticket #7374 (Startup and Custom Scripts Fail to Execute - Netgear Nighthawk R7000 r45993) closed by BrainSlayer Quick video showing how to setup ipv6 when using DD-WRT and BT Broadband in which i use OpenDNS for ipv4 and ipv6 which work better than using BT's DNSOpenDN IPv6: For IPv6, which does not allow fragmentation, PMTUD works in much the same way. The key difference is that IPv6 headers do not have the Don't Fragment option and so the flag is not set. Routers that support IPv6 will not fragment IPv6 packets, so if the test packets exceed the MTU, the routers drop the packets and send back corresponding ICMP messages without checking for a Don't DD-WRT is Open Source firmware for a wide array of routers. Many routers have a lot capabilities that vendors do not provide access to through the router’s administrative interface. DD-WRT firmware unlocks everything that your router is capable of, including becoming an OpenVPN client and/or OpenVPN server.